Monday, December 11, 2006

BlueJude's Studio

My daughter took these pics of me in my "studio" about a month ago, and I finally had a moment to share. Keep in mind that my studio is actually the dining room table and I'm not usually very good at uploading these things so it looks a little haphazard. (kinda like me!)
And of course at the top is a photo of the photographer herself and her sidekick, her brother!


Nancy Baumiller said...

Gorgeous children you have Darce! Great pics your daughter took! Looks like a great space to create! I got one of those white carts w/drawers too! hehe I really dont know how my family sat at that small table LOL I dont mind being in the dining room its pretty great actually! Having family and things I love all in one room! :) Thanks for sharing these photos darlin! Much love and hugs! Nance

Anonymous said...

I have an art room for all my supplies, and even a table to work at... however, I like to be where Mike is, so I usually fill up a plastic shoebox with the things I need, and move downstairs! I work on the sofa and coffee table a lot. Hard to work around cats!

Your daughter is lovely - the photo of her is so melancholy.

Anonymous said...

Very cool picture of you Darc. I adore the photo of your daughter. Dining room table is great place to work. Too bad I don't have one.
Thanks for sharing the photos.