Wednesday, December 13, 2006

All I want for Christmas.....

Well, here it is...our Christmas Tree full of memories! What fun we had sharing it with the little guy this year. We all have our favorite ornies and I tried to get a close up of just a few of mine.
MY ABSOLUTE FAVES are the felt mittens I made with my two older children some years back. We even used some as gift toppers and they were well received. I also love the moon and my fox dressed in holiday regalia. AND I have a giraffe decked out in a wool coat and carrying a patent leather purse. Okay enuf of the ornies! But I do have to share about our VERY humble tree topper. When we moved to our first house and my children were very small, maybe one and two, we only had one car and my husband worked many hours. Well, that left me decorating our tree, which of course didn't have nearly as many ornaments. After the job was done, I realized we had no tree topper! Soooo....I cut two star
shapes from a brown paper bag, painted them with yellow ochre paint and outlined and swirled with a gold marker and then glued the perimeter together. Voila! And we've kept it ever since. Never once thought about trading it in for something glitzy and glowing.

Now onto the the list for Santy! Tops on my list is....Lavender Therapy Lotion by Crabtree & Evelyn. Ladies, if you have not tried this stuff, by all means do it now! It is the BEST hand lotion you'll ever use and the smell is intoxicating! I use at night before I go to bed and the lavender really is very relaxing. And of course I want new jammies-100% cotton please (just in case Santy happens to be peeking at my OH, and Anne Lamott's latest book, a new copy of Bob Dylan's Blood On the Tracks CD as my old one skips, some art books of course, and most of all...good health, peace and happiness for my friends and family and a better job for the hub.
And if I had one indulgence...I really want a new digi camera, as the old one is getting a little defunkt. But I don't think that will be in the budget. Perhaps there will be a winning lotto ticket in my stocking and I will get it for my birthday at January's end!
So now you must tell me, what is tops on your list for Santy? Ho Ho Ho and Merry Merry all!

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Nancy Baumiller said...

Putting a good word in with Santa and that all your wishes come true hehe...Other than peace in the world...I am hoping Santa brings me a shelf lol...pens, paper ok anything paperwise lol...and if I think I have been as good as I think I have maybe asking Santa for a color laser printer...but me thinks thats out of his budget this year...pssssst dont tell...I have a nightshirt that says..Dear Santa, I want it all LOL Best wishes to you and yours! Love and hugs! Nance