Monday, September 24, 2007


" Three Thoughts For A Fond Hope" D. Altaville c.2007
Just an old piece that I recently finished up and put up on my Art n Joy etsy shop.
I'm back on that emotional roller coaster again. Feeling oh so uninspired, and just not motivated artistically. I started a part-time job selling ad space, to try and help out with the bills.
I'm thankful for the job, but well, yes I have to admit I'd rather be home delving into paint and paper and trying to wake up the muse.
I did have a beautiful day yesterday though. I went shopping with my lovely daughter for a homecoming dress, visiting some of the funky, chic boutiques in a nearby town. AND God must have been shining down on us, as we found the most beautiful dress, that fits her like it was tailor made and the price tag was $60.00. BUT it was my lucky day, because the dress was marked down to $10.00!!!! It seems the woman is clearing out the summer stock for Fall. Woohooo!
We were so excited. And we got some lovely jewelry to boot!
So as I start my day today, feeling wonky and out of sorts I will try and remember the beautiful things. My daughter and our beautiful day together and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family and a God that is awesome, that is always looking out for us.
Cheers all! Here's hoping you all have a beautiful week!


Attack of the Vintage said...

What a blessing to have had a wonderful day with your daughter. I was visiting with mine this weekend, she lives too far away:(

Sis you see you were on a treasury yesterday?? I was going to send the link to it to you, but I was at my daughter's and I was having trouble copying. I saw I was on a different treasury too :) Hope sales pick up!!

self taught artist said...

looking for the muse....
may i ask, what if anything is there you want to be doing with/in your art that you are not?

turquoise cro said...

$10.00???!!!!!! WowieeeeEEEEE Darcy girly! I'm soooOOOOoooO Happy for your daughter to find such a beautiful dress at such a wonderful bargain!!! I can't believe it's almost Homecoming time! Pics, we want pics!!! hehe I LOVE that piece of art darling!!! SWEET! (((((BlueJude)))))very tight til YOU giggle!!!

HMBT said...

Love the new work! Congrat's on the dress...I bet she looks like a dream. I have a day job too (life coaching) and I am not always happy to do it...but I do enjoy eating so off to work I go. It's made the time I spend on my own work much more valuable and productive. I hope you find that when you are not thinking about how to pay the bills...your find the muse is waiting for you and ready to play.

LadyTulip said...

** I thot my bad eyes were bein' all wonky on me.. ** But you REALLY did get a cool dress for $10.00!! MAN!! The Dress Angels were with both of you, now,weren't they??!!

Love the new pic!! Your muse may jus' be resting for the moment...don't worry for it to come 'round..


Lia (artjunkgrl) said...

I love the art piece, it's so sweet and calming~ Great news on the dress and if you are like me, you are in a new routine and you just have to find your rhythym again. Big hugs to you and yes, family is where it's all at. xooxo Lia

suze said...

Hey Blue, I am back from my trip. I am glad I could help you out (with the sticky back felt) You are very welcome.

windy angels said...

Hi sweet beautiful angel,
Hoping for you many more blessings and angels and a calming of the emotions.
God bless you as you continue on your artful journey,
Wendy XO

shauna said...

Of course, I have no idea about the source of your feeling the way you do right now, but I do have a suggestion. I am beginning a program for women in transition or who wish they were! One book I use a great deal is called "Simple Abundance" by Sarah BanBreathnach. It is from the mid 1990's and you may have already read it. I find it invaluable when I am feeling like you describe. It has helped me more than I can ever really convey. There are some creative activities to do in the book and you can even get a workbook for it as well but it's not necessary at all. Your local library should have it and you can get a copy very cheaply at It's a great way to really get in touch with yourself- your authentic self. I really helped recharge my creative spirit also! Let me know if you decide to read it and if you like it if you wouldn't mind. I know you make beautiful art and I appreciate you sharing it with all of us who enjoy your blog! Take care!