Friday, October 05, 2007

Sweet Memories

Well, here is my darling daughter, after a wonderful night with her boyfriend, at the Homecoming Dance. The pictures don't do our bargain dress justice but the little beading you see on the neckline is scattered throughout the dress.
I have been busy with my new job, so haven't been posting much. But after just three weeks they have named me Advertising Sales Consultant of the Week! And I got a cash bonus to boot! YAY! Unfortunately, today I woke up with this sinus/flu thing happening so it's slowed me down for now. But hopefully, sometime soon, I will be able to catch up on what you all are up to.
Until then I hope you are having a wonderful Fall and making Sweet Memories of your own!


Garden Painter Art said...


Your daughter looks adorable, and what a great deal on such a beautiful dress!

I'm also having a hard time keeping up with my blog friends, but I'm happy to see that all seems to be going well for you.

Garden Painter Art

turquoise cro said...

Phew! What SWEET pics!!! and I LOVE that dress, the color and the beads and how it is scalloped at the hem!!! WOOT! She is Beauty Full and her prom date is very handsome! I would cherish this memory too! Congratulations! on your job!

Ruth said...

Beautiful Girl...
Beautiful Dress...
Beautiful Memories made...
Because of a Beautiful Mother.


windy angels said...

Your daughter is so beautiful. I am forever astonished at the incredible lives, miracles, we can be blessed with even at the times when the challenges seem almost too great to handle.
God bless,
Wendy XO