Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Endeavor?

I did a post on this already but it doesn't seem to be showing up. Anyhoo, I recently did a graphic job for a friend who needed new business cards. Well, he so incredibly impressed with the four ideas I worked up for him that he's using two. One for BC's and one for ads, flyers, and magnetic car signs. This led to another job with the possibility of another. Anyhoo, a friend suggested I put a small ad in the little paper and try and drum up some biz doing this. AND as you all know I can use the spare change. Whaddaya think? Will it fly?
On a down note, the little guy broke his arm Monday falling off the monkey bars, so it's been a little hectic here. Trying to keep this kid still, keep his sling on, and keep it elevated is like trying to convert the Pope to become a Jew! lol
So needless to say...I'm after him every twenty minutes in between trying to do my puter stuff. OH and ART....Hmmmm...what's that? lol Just kidding, I do have a few things in progress but now of course it will take me a little longer to finish them up. Oh well. You'll just have to stay tuned.
And wait to see a pic of my little guy in his cast. And he barely shed a tear about the whole thing. REALLY! It was like all in a day's work - or should I say play for him. Too much this kid!
Happy Day All! Whaddaya think about this new endeavor?


HMBT said...

I think it's a great idea! Go for it, make some cash and enjoyt he maybe even able to buy art supplies without guilt!!! Woah! Sorry about little ones arm...we did that a year ago with our littlest one and he was like, "Can I have a colored cast?" Funny I thought I would fall over and he just asked for a cookie on the way home. :) Kids!

Evie said...

Oh, that's quite an achievement!!! Here's wishing you lots more orders on the way.

Maija said...

Sorry about your baby in the cast! Poor him!
Big congrats on your success spreading your art!