Friday, July 06, 2007

In Limbo

"Who Are You, Really?" D. Altaville c.2007
This is an old piece but kind of sums up how I'm feeling lately. At least artistically speaking.
I feel kind of lost at the moment, ready for change but not really sure at all of any particualr direction. Just lost and in limbo.
I know, I know....I should just pull out my paints and supplies and throw something down and see what transpires. I just can't seem to do it just yet. And I don't know why.
Anyhoo, I just got the book Kaleidescope and it's rather interesting. Perhaps it will spark something inside and give me inspiration to go forward.
Hope everyone has a fun and creative July!
P.S. I'll be back with something...a new creation. There I said it! Now I'm committed! lol


self taught artist said...

It is no fun to be in that place of uncertainty with what to make next. It scary and fidgety no?
Makes it worse when we then put pressure upon ourselves to break through that dense energy.
Hope it clears soon!

Skrivtant said...

I like this collage, it is kind of how I feel right now, but I'm more Where am I and where am I going? Maybe I'll try to express that in a journal page!

HMBT said...

I love this work! O.M.G!!!!

turquoise cro said...

Isn't it FUN to read??!!! It transports YOU to soOOooo many new places and new ideas!!! You'll feel SPARKED again! How far is Erie from YOU sweetie?!! xoxooxo

Joy Logan said...

I love this colorful piece. I think we get art blocks just like writers blocks. We must be growing in other ways during that period and it will end.

Judy Wise said...

I spend most of my time in the 'ozone' as I call it. Wondering, questioning ... I blame it on being a Pisces. But that piece you created; that one is terrific!

LadyTulip said...

OMG!! You mean I'm not the only one with near daily thots of What Am I Doing???

I'm considering sending that Inner Critic on a long voyage on a junk container ship to somewhere far, far away...

I do like this collage tho. Very vibrant.

Stay Cool in this heat!!


Attack of the Vintage said...

I love this guy!! I see being in limbo as a good thing! It is when we quiet ourselves, to rest and be ready for the next big leap!! Don't rush it, for it too shall pass.

windy angels said...

Hi Beautiful,
Hmmm. I'm feeling so much in limbo too. Part of my difficulty is not much time to create, too much happening and NOT happening otherwise.
Maybe your new book will help along the way - "fool's gold" - sounds interesting.
Another etsy shop - WHOA - I haven't even started my first yet. Good luck with that.
Angels be with you dear,
Wendy XO