Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Shot of Red

Everyone needs a shot of red! Or at least I do. I recently cleaned up and out all my art supplies and canvases. They are still accessible, but out of sight and no longer taking over the dining room. AND, having done that, I also had to replace my Jackson Pollock paint spattered tablecloth.
Well, I usually just get a clear plastic one as my dining room table has been handpainted a lovely green and decoupaged and painted with vines and flowers by your's truly. But it seems the store was out of clear plastic ones. So I rummaged about looking for something else that would work and that was cheap. And lo and behold I found this Martha Stewart red/pink paisley pattern that normally I would think was too bold for the room. (Tho I do have touches of red and pink in this cottage style room) BUT it was marked down to $2.00!! Needless to say, it was a done deal! And apparently, it was just what I needed! It's bright and cheery and simply faboo.
So the inside of my house is getting spiffed up as we collect the rest of the materials for out patio. Yes, my little patio that has become the talk of our local friends and neighbors. Mostly they say things like, "So have ya got the patio done yet?" WE sigh, bow our heads and admit that no we haven't even started the job. (We mumble about the weather and the kids and how were still collecting our suppplies, all useless excuses around here)
They all find this quite funny, as they are very handy dyi people, mostly laborers to whom putting in a small patio is a piece of cake. Now I have done my share of dyi work in the home and have no problem getting my hands dirty. But a PATIO, well that's another story.
But my ton and a half of sand was delivered today (who would've thunk you would need that much sand? lol) and it looks like the job will get done this week.
AND those same people, our wonderful friends have all kindly offered their advice, as well as lending us their tools. (I might have to put post its on things just to remember who lent us what!) And some have offered a helping hand. (I think they are starting to take pity on us city bred folk! lol) So there you have it.
Then all I need to do, is to stain and assemble two wooden Adirondack chairs that we got cheap cheap cheap! And scout the flea market and tag sales for a bistro type table and chairs.
Unless any of you have any ideas on how to make my own out of something??
And I have a friend who is overgrowing with ferns, so I think I'll be adopting a couple of those for around my birdbath and for the patio.
Life is good. God is good and continues to bless us. I feel good and I am looking forward to a great summer! OH and the red photo above is the courtesy of my very talented daughter, whose photography you can see at the Lavender Funk link to the right. Take a peek!
And add a shot of red to your life this week, whether it be fresh cherries from the market or a gerber daisy or a bright red tablecloth! Happy Tuesday all!


Self Taught Artist said...

one: your daughter's photo is right up there with some other photographers I know!

two: you can go to freecycle and find your state/county and then look/ask for the furniture you need. The stipulation is everything HAS to be free. I've given and gotten much using this.

three: thank you for the boost :)

four: good luck :)

Self Taught Artist said...

so much for my fancy html stuff.

its here

turquoise cro said...

WoWieeeEEEE! That photo is Beauty Full!!! I'll be going to your daughter's gallery later when I have more time! for sure!!! That red is EXQUISITE!!! GLAD you're LOVIN' the Jabez bookie, I'm reading it again! It's one of those kind of books! May God Bless YOU and YOURS today sweets!!! and good luck on that patio!!!

Maija said...

You sound so busy!!

HMBT said...

Good luck on the Patio project...it's just good to see a new post at your place. Great photo! Love to you and yours.