Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Poor Man's Patio

This has nothing at all to do with my patio, but it is my bargain birdbath that I got for $10.00!
Must have happy birdies!
NO, this is obviously not my patio. BUT I just had to share my very HAPPY HOSTAS growing outside my porch. Exciting huh?

A kind of full view of THE PATIO.

These fabulous wicker chairs came free from our friends Gwen and Tom, who found four of them on the roadside and generously gave us two! How cool is that? AND I just spray painted them brown and they are as good as new! YAY!

Never did find a bistro table- yet...but I did find this great serving cart for $3.00 at the flea market. And a can of white spray paint has given it new life! Yes, I LOVE a bargain!

My favorite HENS & CHICKS!

So there you have it Poor Man's patio! I call it that cause, well, at the moment we are rather poor but thanks to some wonderful friends we were able to pull it together.
And now I would like to thank all my generous friends who made it possible. Thank you to Rick for your wheelbarrow, Tom and Gwen for the wicker chairs and brick chisel, Eddie for the gas tamper and ALL the wonderful FREE brick, Eric for his hand tamper, Bogie for the use of his truck to get the sand, George for your helping hands and advice, and my dear, crazy hubbie for all his hard work and patience.
Kinda feel like I won the grammy award....heee heee! OK enough silliness.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Our Comfy Bargain Adirondack Chairs


turquoise cro said...

YIPPIEEEEEE!!! I LOVE it all! but something weird is going on with your Blog! I couldn't read about those turquoisey chairs!!! Did YOU write something about them or what?! It just shows a big empty space on my pc! It might be my pc!!! LOL but O! I LOVE bird baths and don't have one yet!!! HIP HIP HorraY!! for all your gracious friends and their help and gifties!!! I was SURPRISED to read it's Thursday when YOU said Happy Thursday to me it dawned on me that it is already Thursday altho I should have realized that because I always scrub and house clean on Thursdays and I am tuckered out! HAPPY Thursday to YOU too sweetie!!!

HMBT said...

Love it! Congrat's to you both for seeing the projct thru til the beautiful end.

Garden Painter Art said...

Darcy: The patio is lovely and, you know what? In my opinion it's even lovlier knowing that you found such fabulous bargains. Instead of having a boring, predictable suburban patio, you now have a comfy space full of charm. And can be proud of!!

Garden Painter Art