Saturday, May 05, 2007


OK I Have just listed two new items at Art n Joy on etsy! Not your usual bluejude stuff. So take a peek and be surprised!!
And by all means take a look at the post below for things that ARE NOT on sale at etsy!
Happy Saturday All!


Garden Painter Art said...


I am so sorry, but you are one of my 7 unfortunate victims. You've been tagged!

Come on over to my blog and check out the rules.

Garden Painter Art

Self Taught Artist said...

maybe you will post a pic on the blog? (you could always hyperlink it to etsy for people who want to go buy eh?)
I would love to see you post your abstracts and talk about them every now and then.
thanks for the comment on my blog about my web work. ha, I didn't post the newest work for the first time ever and here I am aksing you to post on your blog. have a godo day blue jude