Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finding Your Way

"She Lit Up The Night"
Yes, another journal page, though today I don't feel like I could light up much of anything.
Woke up feeling like I swallowed glass, with other wonderful flu like symptoms.
And quite honestly, I'm not feeling that great emotionally either.
Though I'm having fun with my journal pages, I'm still plagued by "finding my way" with my more serious art. I get all hyped and start on a whole series, maybe inspired by a new technique, maybe inspired by something else. Some good, some bad, but not feeling like it's really me. It's not authentic. Like I'm still struggling to find my style. Yet, I know part of being an artist is exploration and experimentation, I'm getting tired of feeling like I'm floundering and going nowhere. Does anyone else feel this way? How did YOU go about finding your own style. I could really use some words of wisdom here, folks! Not to mention some chicken soup.
So give me whatever input you got! And I hope you all are havin' a good week.


Nancy Baumiller said...

Sending you well wishes and a little quiet time! I think by trying others techniques etc...we explore the process...which leads to new discoveries of our own I totally understand what your saying! I am loving these journal pages! xoxo Nance

HMBT said...

I just found you, and love your pages of color and life! as an artist myself, I am still finding my way too...and I feel good about where I am at in my process...I guess I like learning new things, but I like to DO thing my way...whatever that might be. I hope you feel better soon, I'll be back to check and see if the soup worked! I am also going to post a link back to you at my blog. feel better soon, Heather

Harley said...

Awww momja, I hope you get well soon :/ The flu has been going around, but just make sure to get lots of rest so it dosnt get that bad ok? C:. And I know how it feels to want to ask, How did YOU find your style? I finally realized myself i just had to experiment ALOT and be patient. IT came to me eventually. I also had to learn how to stop comparing myself, or trying to copy other peoples style to completely.

I dunno. But I really like this journal page! I love how she contrasts agianst the background, and the colors C: I think your doing well lately...<3

LadyTulip said...

~~ Love these pages!! ~~

Take care of yourself an' don't try to jump up an' down and take care of everybody else...take care of YOU!!

As for the "Style" question - It i difficult, and sometimes I think that I'm gettin' nowhere fast...but I think you'll find your true voice when you least expect it...Relax and let the Muse lead the way!!


Waspgoddess said...

Being an admirer of art but quite a non-arty sort of person I'm not very qualified to offer any creative insights, but I would like to wish you better health and spirit nonetheless.

And perhaps knowing that your amazing journal pages really brightens up the doom and gloom of everydayness may bring a smile to your face. Yours is the best place to come for an injection of happiness and colour.

Look after yourself.

LadyTulip said...

I tried to leave you a reply yesterday, but my computer decided it wanted to quit working for the day...sigh..

Hope your feeling better today...an' as for finding your "Voice" ~~ I think just let the Muse flow thru you an' see what She has for you. Just let Her cover you with Her Vibe, an' I'm sure you'll find where your suppossed to be!!


katie said...

hope you're feeling better.

as far as finding my style...i find that wanting to find my style gets in the way of finding it. when i can just relax and play and really not give a wit about an end result, i know my muse is in charge.

Misty Mawn said...

you will get there, don't worry. you will. Just enjoy the journey. I do know how you feel.

I hope you are feeling better...both my little ones have the flu...not fun at all. I am sorry to hear you don't feel well.

turquoise cro said...

Just let yourself GO! It seems you are doing just that! I don't know what my style is yet! I just have FUN! I know my art is raw but that's what it is! GET WELL! sweets! xo, Cinda ps. word verification is fkzzz LOL so get some ZZZZZZZZ's!

artsyfran said...

You will find what is authentic if you're patient with it. It seems to me that these journal pages you're creating are your experimentation to find your authentic self and, thereby, your authentic artist. I don't think we have to just have one "style". I know I sure don't. I used to get frustrated by that, but I realize that I need variety in materials, subject matter, and technique. My best advice is to go with your gut. If this doesn't feel right, pick out the pieces that DO and incorporate them into something that will work for you. Oh, and give yourself time! You have such talent. You just need to believe that this is part of the path you're supposed to be on. xoxo, Fran

Suzie Q said...

Wow, what some wonderful advice you've received already, Darcy! There's not a lot I can add, except to say that there are not many blogs I've been to under this particular moon that haven't been expressing similar thoughts. You are most certainly not alone, sweetheart. Your work is fascinating, and I have seen you loosen up so much already, in spite of the cold winter!
Follow your instincts, hun. Best advice I can give. Thank you for your many visits and enthusiastic comments, my friend.
Always glad to see you :)
Suze xXx