Friday, February 16, 2007

Another Journal Page

"Untitled" D.Altaville c.2007
Yes, another journal page...sigh. Hope your all not getting bored with them,
and getting ready to shoot your computer.
I'm a little stuck on this one, as I want to add some words or a quote
but don't know what yet. Hence, the title- Untitled! lol
Any ideas?
And speaking of stuck...apparently my dd was eating at the computer again.
So tho I have more I wanted to say, some of my letter keys are stuck together,
making it rather tricky to type!
Oh well, I guess I should have named this post STUCK!
And now I'm off to try and clean these itty bitty spaces between keys.
My life is very exciting, dontcha think? lol
Happy Friday all!


Ruth said...


Wow little Beege she's fantastic...kinda looks like she's "Mesmerized" or her name is "Mesmerelda"...or perhaps going "Into the Zen"

My two cents...

Paulette said...

I'm awful at naming things, so I can't offer any help there. I agonize over the whole naming thing. I love your journal pages (along with everyone else I'm sure) so please keep posting them!!! Love the colors in this one!

Nancy Baumiller said...

Your a regular art machine these days! :D I usually wait to title it after I journal on it and add maybe a quote or just a few choice art words that are inpiring me at the time...and then to title it I pick out a couple words from the page and there ya have it! LOL xoxo Nance