Saturday, November 24, 2007

Name That Piece

I am having a SUPER SALE at both my etsy shops all weekend long, including Monday.
All prints have been marked down, so take a peek while you're doing your holiday shopping!
The above piece is momentarily titled, "Stck Lady & Her Nest" though I'm not terribly fond of the name. Any other suggestions?
Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend! I am so thankful for all my blogging buddies!


Sharon said...

OK, how about "Twigs"
I like it

HMBT said...

great work! Happy Holidays to you and yours. How about
"Home is where your nest is".

Lisa said...

I love it, no matter what you call it!!

BlueJude said...

Ahhh...just a silly ditty journal piece. But after I took her out of the scanner, I saw on the back that I had already given her a title. Wanna know what it is? You'll have to visit Abstract Joy on etsy to find out! hee hee! My bad!